The 4th of July

To me, the 4th of July always means work… It’s a holiday and if you work retail, you can rest assured that you will be at work. Which brings on the question…why work at a place the you’re not happy. Is it normal to always hate your job?  

Adults- older people than myself- always say that if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’ve always worked retail and although it has its perks- I sometimes wonder how different things would be if I worked if I was already in my career and really enjoying my job…well here’s to figuring that out! 

I saw this photo and quote and… Maybe she’s right. Or maybe that’s how you feel when you’ve found your calling. Here’s to everyone still figuring their life out! 


Life after exam

“Nothing in life is easy” said every parent alive right now.

If you’ve ever taken a 7 hour exam, then you can relate to the brain fart that is the 48 hours after the exam. After stopping your life to prepare for said exam, and stressing yourself for months on end, your brain just kind of stops. What exam am I talking about you may ask? The First year law students exam.

Law school is one of those animals that has many routes. As for me, I have taken the part-time, on-line DIY type of learning. The only caveat is that you must prove to the state that you have learned first year topics as the students that have gone to an ABA school- this means American Bar Association approved school. So $700 dollars and 7 hours later, you must wait about 2 months before your results come in the mail…arghhhh!

Anyhow, enough of my complaining. I’m happy that we have the option to pursue higher learning once family life and/or work begins. To anyone else that is pursuing higher learning, you rock. Like you rock so hard, that if I knew you i’d buy you coffee and a cupcake. This shit is hard. Really hard. Especially when the kids want your attention or want to play…or everyone else is hanging out and having fun without you. You keep telling yourself that it will be worth it in the end but it really doesn’t feel that way all the time.

If you are on a similar path like I am…keep going. As hard as it is there is life after school. And hopefully the kids won’t remember- or they will remember and they will be happy that their parents want to be better.




Sunday always seems to be the best day to write blog posts… A fresh beginning to the week. This past week was hectic mainly because of being sick. Being sick is always horrendous especially because work doesn’t wait for you to be better. I think I chugged half a bottle of Tylenol cold medicine just to function at work… Blah. Not to mention the fact that you still have to clean the house, take care of school work and all the other things that come with life. I sound like a total whiner, but I feel like poo. Anyhow, hopefully everyone else isn’t sick and is having a lovely end to their weekend!

Beware of “Gelicure!”

You may be asking what in the world a gelicure is…quite frankly, this is not a real word. It is a mash up between gel and manicure. If you have ever had one…you may be able to sympathize with me. if you haven’t, then read on.

I am employed at a place where my hands are constantly on display. This was the impetus for getting this longer lasting gelicure that the nice manicurist suggested I get. It was supposed to last longer, resist chipping and be a breeze to remove.The process was easy enough at the start- just a common manicure. The polish part is where this differs. It was a bit of a thicker polish. After every application- here two coats were applied, my hands were put into a UV light box that ended up burning my skin. Yes, burning my skin. Each of the three sessions lasted anywhere from 2-3 minutes- trust me, this is a lot longer than it seems. The manicurist maybe just thought I was being sensitive, but my skin really hurt. My hands felt sensitive for the next few days.

Fast forward to a week after admiring my pretty glittery pink nail polish and I noticed that  my nails had started to show new growth. This normally would be an excellent sign, but in this case, this just lifted the nail polish and got caught in my hair whenever I touched my hair. Blah. I let it go for a few more days and I noticed that it started to chip. Badly. At that point, I went to a different nail shop to have the remainder of the polish that I had not yet peeled off, removed. Needless to say, the removal process was a pain in my butt. She tried acetone but that took to long. She ended up grabbing the electric file to remove the remainder. Mind you I had just removed my false nails- also in trying to keep the manicure going longer- so my nails were already ruined by that removal process. This just made it so much worse! I chose a red polish that I felt like would cover up all the ridges and snags my nail beds now had. And at the time, the regular polish looked great. it was shiny and bright. Sure enough the next day, it began to chip. Not a slight chip but big chunks of cooler peeling off.

To date, this week I have removed and polished my nails a total of three times. The next day after the polish was applied, the color began to peel. Let me tell you, this is uber annoying. The only thing I can attribute this to is that my nails are damaged and don’t want to hold on to color. So a small warning to all thinking about getting gel polish–be ready for the pain that it will be to apply and remove!!!

gelicure set

gelicure set

Pretty red gel polish

Pretty red gel polish



I realized that my nail chipping problem may be due to the kind of nail polish I have been using. I switched to Essie nail polish…Man what a difference. The polish lasts at minimum a week, it doesn’t streak and has so many lovely colors. Will definitely continue to purchase this company’s colors.


At work, as always on the weekends, I go through my Instagram and realize that a lot more people participate in “Sunday Funday” than I ever anticipated. In college and of course, before retail jobs, we had the privilege if participating in said Sunday ritual. But now, nots so much. Unless you of course, plan it a month ahead if time. Or it’s Easter. Kind of takes the fun out if it. But I wonder if, ALL business were closed on a certain day- would that allow for people to connect, to have fun- or is it just not sound business? As a retail worker, were literally open everyday with the exception of Easter, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Now workers are even threatened with having to work thanksgiving. Anyhow, just a random thought.

Saving time

Today I officially had to scold myself for being lazy. Literally kick myself in the ass. I got off of work at 5p.m. yesterday. Made dinner, cleaned up did some homework, the usual. This morning, I knew we were going to go look at houses. So I knew I didn’t have gas in my car. I even had time after the house hunting. Nope still didn’t fill up the silly car. Let me tell you, if you don’t want to be late to work, take care of filling the gas tank, getting lunch ready, work supplies and all that jazz ready BEFORE you have to go to work. I was so late today because I procrastinated so much. And there was no reason for it. So I have learned my lesson. Fill you gas tank ahead of time! Prepare everything the night before so the next day you get up and go! That way you’re not wasting time worrying if your car is going to die just because you’re running on fumes!