#3 Big 2nd Birthday!!!


Baby Blairs birthday cake gifted to her by her auntie 🙂


As I have gotten older  I’ve hated my birthday. They used to be constant reminders of the things that I had not yet accomplished, and a reminder that time is passing. Since having children, this has all changed for me. Don’t get me wrong, they still remind me that time is passing, but its a sweet reminder. Now I get to plan birthdays for my little ones and they have such a good time on their day. I think that everyone for the most part enjoys being celebrated, but kids especially love it when there is a day completely dedicated to them.


Baby girl with her auntie preparing to hit the piñata

We put this party together super last minute and I’m so glad we did. Initially I wanted to do something super elaborate- like what  you see on pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very creative and cute things on there and sometimes its overwhelming. Those pictures sometimes make me feel like my party isn’t good enough. I’ve gotten over that. Now I make it about the kids and what they enjoy instead of caring about what other people think about it. We did it and everyone including the kids had a good time. They were so cute taking turns on the slide and throwing the balls (they were soft) at each other.

I love how simple kids are. It’s always a reminder for me to chill and stop worrying about all the  things I can’t control and to live in the moment because it goes fast.

~ Liset


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