Turning the big 35


Picture I took at a stop off in Cambria, California


“You reap what you sow.”

 I want to believe that age brings more than just wrinkles and body aches. As I turn 35 I begin to wonder what else life has in store for me. Looking at the history of when I started writing on WordPress- apparently 7 years ago (gasp!), I look back at my first portion of my life. I think of all the mistakes, all the laughter, the happiness and the trials. My only regret is not documenting more of it in photos and in writing.

As I enter the second portion of my life (35-65), I am excited to see what life has in store. I now have 3 children who are happy vibrant and exhausting, but give me the most joy I have ever experienced. There is not enough information out there to tell you that being a mom rocks- mostly because it is as scary as it is fun. As a person, you will be tested in the oddest ways possible- from whether your child should be on Youtube, getting unsolicited advice that is mostly insulting to you as a mom down to how to function within a relationship when you are exhausted.


Photo of my little tribe in front of a pizza shop at Paso Robles, California


There is something freeing about getting older that I am not quite accustomed to. Being unbothered. As a teenager, I remember being so – because I didn’t want my friends or their friends to think that I was a weirdo. Now, I could care less. It is such a freeing feeling. To be yourself despite the opinions or feelings of others. To be able to quit a job that holds you back and to give yourself time to find what you truly want to do.

It hit me finally that you only have one life. Just one. I never thought of life in these terms because I didn’t have to. Now that I have kids, I think of what I will be able to teach them so that they can avoid the mistakes that I made and I think of all the memories that we will create together so that they have them to fall back on when the going gets tough. I think of making their life easier so that they are happy and content which in turn will make me happy.

Anyhow, from now on, I will document as much as I can so that I have something to look back on when I become forgetful which has already started to happen. Also just so that when I ask myself “Where did the time go?” I will know exactly where it went. I hope you all have a beautiful day and enjoy today to the fullest.

XO ~ Liset