Post baby hair

I know women probably suffer from this after having a baby…and that is losing your hair… A lot of it. Postpartum alopecia was something I had never heard of until it happened to me. I lost some with my first baby and even more with my second. Here’s a picture a few months after her birth: 

missing my hair

It’s worse than it looks and oddly enough my little girl and I are missing hair up front! It’s a small issue I know but it bugs me. I work in front of people all day long so you can imagine the difficulty in hiding this – so far all I wear are headbands and I’m waiting for it to get longer for bangs…anyhow that is all I have for now!


My hair is finally at the point where it is blending in with the rest of my hair (joy!). I’m getting so close to being able to cut bangs… Just counting down the time! 

My only concern now is all the gray hair that is starting to pop up. It’s even more noticeable now that I no longer dye my hair. I hate that gray hair is noticeably coarser than regular hair. Blah. At least the bags will come soon…until next time!



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