iPhone 6 Launch day

Launch day for this much awaited bigger phone is tomorrow. For iPhone fans this is great— for employees, this means being at the store at 6 am and working until 9:30 pm. (Tears) but either way, most of us are used to this so we deal with it. This year, besides getting enough sleep, I made it a point to have bright nails and lips. I don’t normally pay attention to these things, but lately these “girly” things perk up my mood- especially on such long labor days. I picked “f- bomb” by urban decay and a ‘Pulp Fiction’ inspired nail polish called “Mrs. Mia Wallace” as well as clear polish from pixel. This launch along with studying for finals makes for very busy days. Anyhow, the kid and I are hopefully going to get a good 5 hours of sleep! At least, iOS 8 seems very nifty!
Xoxo Liset


Photo of polish and lipstick for the day!



Sunday always seems to be the best day to write blog posts… A fresh beginning to the week. This past week was hectic mainly because of being sick. Being sick is always horrendous especially because work doesn’t wait for you to be better. I think I chugged half a bottle of Tylenol cold medicine just to function at work… Blah. Not to mention the fact that you still have to clean the house, take care of school work and all the other things that come with life. I sound like a total whiner, but I feel like poo. Anyhow, hopefully everyone else isn’t sick and is having a lovely end to their weekend!