Countdown to exam time

May is a busy month for me- my birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, boyfriends birthday, siblings birthdays and parent’s anniversary. Phew! More importantly, this means that I have a month before my baby bar exam happens. Baby bar– what is that? Well, what it is, is a very pricey exam that you must take if you choose your legal education through distance learning (on-line school). I will admit that when I first heard of this method, I was a bit surprised. I had no idea that it existed. I went to UCR  (traditional school campus) so I thought- why would anyone want to go online? Well, when I made the decision to go this route, it was because of convenience and price. I am able to work full time, take care of my son and take on a rigorous legal education- and still have a little time for my personal relationship. Now, don’t get it twisted—it is hard as heck to get this all done in a timely manner. I often am late with assignments- which the school has a great way of getting me back on track- and the house is almost always a mess, but its doable. SO these next few weeks for me will be very very difficult as I will be studying until my eyes bleed. Image

My work in progress office/study