Fun trips with the kid

We took a trip to Las Vegas not too long ago. Living in the high desert, were not too far away. Anyhow, the boyfriend wanted to go to a “shoe convention.” Yes these really exist and they are not just for women. Here, its mostly guys who are very into tennis shoes. So it was mainly just walking around, looking at other peoples shoes. Not bad, just not my idea of what I would want to do in vegas.We also had our two year old son with us, so that being said, it would be impossible to do what I really wanted to do (party!). Don’t get me wrong, I definitely understand that with kids now “fun” consists of different things. So we made it a grownup kid trip. Here are a few pics I snapped as we walked around the place.


We were upgraded because the cheapie room we booked was gone- YES it pays to get to places late!


We stayed at the Luxor hotel–This is my mini taking a picture with an “artifact.”


At the Coliseum right before the show in the middle of the mall. The Greek gods go through another tragedy.


Chinese New Year at the Bellagio.


So to say the least, the trip was fun and there was quite a bit to see. I didn’t catch any of the big shows, or go to any clubs, or even beach clubs, but we still had a lot of fun looking around and eating at several buffets!



At work, as always on the weekends, I go through my Instagram and realize that a lot more people participate in “Sunday Funday” than I ever anticipated. In college and of course, before retail jobs, we had the privilege if participating in said Sunday ritual. But now, nots so much. Unless you of course, plan it a month ahead if time. Or it’s Easter. Kind of takes the fun out if it. But I wonder if, ALL business were closed on a certain day- would that allow for people to connect, to have fun- or is it just not sound business? As a retail worker, were literally open everyday with the exception of Easter, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Now workers are even threatened with having to work thanksgiving. Anyhow, just a random thought.