DIY notebook

This week, I tried a DIY craft that I found in Craftgawker. It’s a cool looking notebook that has storage, cuteness and organization. The DIY comes from Little Den Blog by Rachel Wisterman, and she has detailed instructions on how to do it. Good luck to you if you try it! This is what mine ended up looking like in the end:




Pink camera!!

Last Valentine’s day, the boyfriend graciously gave me an instax mini instant camera… They are just the cutest little cameras ever. They print credit card sized photos which are great for scrapbooks, wallets and putting into frames. Not to mention that amazon has a plethora of cute film. Everything from hello kitty, Alice in wonderland, stars and anything else you can imagine!

They have all sorts of colors for the camera and they’re even releasing an instax printer!!

I’ll probably be getting that when it is available!

My school break

This morning, I was up at 7 a.m. Reading for school. Blah. There’s nothing worse than getting up early on an off day. But work needs to get done, so it gets done. After 5 hours, I took a much needed break at Staples. I needed a replenishment on pens- and pens are basics, so off I went.

Off topic, I parked next to a lady who was smoking. As I was locking my car and slinging my purse to my shoulder, I was disheartened to see an infant in her backseat. It was made me feel a certain type of way— bothered, sad I don’t know. So I walked off so she wouldn’t see my look of disdain.

So getting back to what I wanted to share. I first thing I saw was this color blocked section of simple, but basic office supplies. And Martha Stewart was on sale- not enough to purchase, but cheaper than normal. Anyway, I replenished my pens and got some cups. They look great- on the pricier end but looks nice. And the name says it all. Poppin.


So I left a happy camper. And got the brads and pouch I needed. And of course, the smoker lady was behind me in line, baby and all.

The beauty of silence

I’m the only person home right now. I can hear the clock ticking away, the neighbors dog barking and a slight ring in my ears. My daily life is not a quiet one- my job always has music blasting and customers talking not to mention management getting on us about something we did wrong. So it’s a lovely change to have sounds that are somewhat soothing- except maybe the barking dog. Anyhow, just a random thought. Hope everyone enjoys the extra hour of light!


Rainy Days

Rainy Days

I love a rainy day as much as the next person, but man. I live in a small city named Hesperia and its considered the high desert. So the weather gets a little crazy here. When it rains in other places it pours here. I mean, our back yard was flooded on the side. It didn’t help that the previous owner left a huge ditch on the side of the house and didn’t fill it back up before we took ownership- lesson learned. Anyhow, the picture does not do the rain and flooding justice. My poor roses were floating, as was the dirt I had just put down. Its been a few days and the dirt is still wet- blah! In other news, the tree I planted two months ago is finally sprouting some leaves.