My love hate relationship

As we grow older, one of the perks is having a credit card. Some of us, myself included, forget that it has to be paid back at the end of the month. Every month. The last few credit card statements I have looked at almost gave me a heart attack. I could have bough two mopeds by now. For the most part, we all have the same basics- home, food, car and cell phone- yes I added cell phone to my list of basics! But ultimately, we have control over the miscellaneous things that we really didn’t have to purchase- i.e. the cute purse set I purchased from Brit stitch, and the shoes from the Nike store that I swore I couldn’t live without. Well, starting now, I am putting the credit card on a diet. I am going to not spend on anything this month except for the necessities. As ridiculous as this problem is, it is a problem, and this month is the month that I am going to tackle it. And bore my poor blog about it. Writing sometimes helps to solidify something for me so here’s to the goal for the month! Image

This is a photo with some of the goodies that caused my credit card to explode!



Basketball game!

Tonight, we went to Los Angeles staple center for a basketball game. My mans favorite team- celtics was playing the lakers- honestly sports aren’t super my thing, but I love the experience. I love going to the staples center, getting drinks and being a spectator. Until next time!