Working on the weekend

Working on the weekends… What can I say except its no fun. But you can make it work. I bring my work and I bring my music so I can get work done while on breaks. Anyone working today, I feel your pain!!


Saving time

Today I officially had to scold myself for being lazy. Literally kick myself in the ass. I got off of work at 5p.m. yesterday. Made dinner, cleaned up did some homework, the usual. This morning, I knew we were going to go look at houses. So I knew I didn’t have gas in my car. I even had time after the house hunting. Nope still didn’t fill up the silly car. Let me tell you, if you don’t want to be late to work, take care of filling the gas tank, getting lunch ready, work supplies and all that jazz ready BEFORE you have to go to work. I was so late today because I procrastinated so much. And there was no reason for it. So I have learned my lesson. Fill you gas tank ahead of time! Prepare everything the night before so the next day you get up and go! That way you’re not wasting time worrying if your car is going to die just because you’re running on fumes!

Late night work

It’s about 1 a.m. Right now. The living room is quiet- the only thing I hear is the whirring of the refrigerator and the ringing in my ear. This is one way that I tend to get a little more done– I wait to do it late at night— although I can’t seem to stop yawning. I have my coffee and creamer ready to keep me up for another good hour.




iPhone love

I just wanted to say that at this point in my life, I am loving my iphone. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on this little device. I listen to my lectures on it, edit my photos, keep my schedule on hand, recipes everything. I remember when I used to resist dependence on phones, but now that I’ve allowed myself use it to its full extent, I’m in love. The cases, the apps I love it all!


Late nights

Today was a fairly productive day- got some reading done, took down some notes… My only sadness today is that I dropped my laptop. Hard. And now the aluminum is dented. The machine still works thankfully, but I’m so upset about it falling. That’s the second thing that doesn’t normally happen to me that happened to me. I hope this trend goes away!
As far as my student tidbit, I have an app that I really enjoy using. It’s called weave, and I believe it is by intuit. It’s a great way to keep track of projects and assignments even things that may not have to do with school. It’s free and easy to use. I’ve been using it now for about a year and I’m pretty satisfied with it. Just wish you could customize the color I the actual app. This is a peek at what mine currently looks like.


Got my life back!

It’s been a minute since I last posted anything… And there’s a good reason. A weeks or two ago, my Friday was awful hectic. Both my normal sitters were out of commission for personal losses and my back up care (bright horizons) for the 3rd time, were unable to locate an emergency babysitter. So I promise to go to work late… And unfortunately everything was out of whack. From getting the baby ready, to getting his diaper bag to getting myself ready to making it through traffic.
As we’re walking out if the house to drop the baby off at a friends home, we see a crow hanging in the front yard. I thought, odd, let me take a picture of it. Afterwards, I put my phone on the roof of the car to strap the baby in. I put my stuff away and drive off. An that’s how my phone was gone ladies and gentleman. Fell off right off the top of my roof. And the worst part is I put it there. So, the point if my story? Although everyone has a million squillion things going on, take a breath. When you’re feeling frazzled, take a break. Even a small break will suffice, otherwise Murphy’s law comes into play and the worst begins to happen. So please learn from my mistake and don’t do so much that you forget where you put things. Take that break like u should have and carry on.

This little strawberry patch brings me such a small sense of accomplishment. So I thought I’d share it. It also relaxes me to water and watch it grow.

Keeping the baby entertained

One of the things that I do when I have to work late and still squeeze studying in AND watch the baby while doing all this is first- not freak out. My son is a year and 9 months. We’ve gotten through he stage of him eating crayons, but he’s not so much into coloring alone. What I have found is that he loves to paint. Now I’m not saying that he’s going to paint for 3 hours, but I’ll get 30 min to 45 mins of uninterrupted time. Make sure of course, that its washable because the paper isn’t the only thing that tends to get a paint job. But this is one way to get more time to reading and getting your work done so that you can spread your time to other things hat need to get done.


Stealing time

One of the ways that I get all my studying done on time is during my lunch break. For us lowly retail employees, we get a short 30 minute break…as I am writing this post, I have about 15 minutes left. I get about 6-10 pages read. Of course I eat while reading. I know, I know eating while doing anything else is not recommended, but this is one way to maximize your time at work. We do get two 15 minute breaks, which you could also smack. And read. Try it- you will find, like I have, that it shortens your reading time at home.


For the month of June…

For the month of June, I want to focus on school and being a student. This will be a nice sounding board for myself and hopefully will offer some support for those of you out there with kids pursuing higher education and trying to find that 25th hour. This week, I will start with time management and some of the things I have tried that have worked. If you have any tips or tricks, please feel free to comment!