Sunday breakfast!!!

While on my morning “checking my phone” time, I came across this recipe via twitter, posted by @honest and from the blog “no. 2 pencil.” They had these cute pancake pops… Granted this idea had never occurred to me, I decided to give it a try. It was quick and went well. I didn’t use the sticks however. Simply because I didn’t have them available. Also I have a time crunch as I had to go to work, so I made baby pancakes without the sticks— they turned out to be good! Although I think the baby would have been more inclined to eat it off the stick, we at least have some left overs!







Morning coffee

Happy Saturday to everyone!!! Hopefully everyone is having a fine Memorial Day weekend! If you’re having a BBQ, I’m officially jealous! Saturday mornings are homework mornings (yay?) and so that’s what the dogs and I are doing. Reading and studying…and no interruptions because the baby is at the sitters— at least the little guy is having fun!! Anyhow, let me stop whining and get back to work!